Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Canada calling

We spent last week with Di and Adi in Toronto. It was great to see them again - I have not seen Di since 1999 and Adi since 1994! Crazy - and he has grown really tall - he is almost as tall as Dave. We had a really good time with Di and she did so much for us. She has a lovely home in Downtown and we stayed in Mandy’s room as she is away at university in Halifax. Adi is really tall, taller than Di and is a fantastic guy. He is at his final year at school doing the IB and heads off to university next summer. Tayla absolutely adored him. When we went down to Niagara she kept asking where Adi was and that she wanted to show him her new shoes (ones that sparkle!). While we were there, he was asked to model for the girls school fashion show and played in the jazz band.

Di is also so well. She works a lot from home finding homes for clients and keeps very busy with demanding clients. I managed to gather a whole lot of her hand-me-downs which was wonderful as we are the same height.
Di’s home was close to the subway so we could just hop on there if we wanted. It was rather chilly compared to Bermuda – about 5 deg Celsius. We begged, borrowed and stole some warm clothes, but all managed to come down with a cold. I think I should have reimbursed her for all the tissues we used.
We were also able to get an appointment at the Hospital for Sick Kids which was wonderful. The head of the unit said that Tayla’s feet were great and she should continue to use her booties as long as we can. Based on photos I sent to Dr Ponseti, he said that she should stop wearing her boots in three or four months time, so we will just have to see how it goes. Good news though on both fronts.
WE stayed in Niagara for a couple of nights too. It is a beautiful part of the country and, being the end of autumn, we were able to see all the fantastic colours of the trees. We did some wine tasting, some shopping in the US (just across the border) and a trip to the butterfly farm.
We got back yesterday lunchtime (with a new bread maker and slow cooker). Now life is back to normal. Next weekend is a long weekend (Monday, 13th is a holiday) so that is our potty training weekend – HELP! Tayla is well and her vocabulary and sentences increase daily. It is fantastic to watch! Mom and dad think she is very clever!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Trip on the Aristocat

This week was a busy one; especially Tayla's! On Thursday the nursery school went on a motorised train ride past lots of farm animals, the beach etc. Then on Friday they went on a bus and ferry ride. As you can tell they are busy doing transportation at school at the moment. This week they are going on a trip to the airport. I pretty much think she know what one of those look like poor child.

They currently have a film festival on in Bermuda and on Saturday morning there were Kindertoons - an hour of 5 minute short films - great for the little ones. She was a little unsure of the darkness and all the people clapping, but she came back and told Dad all about it. Then in the afternoon we went on a catamaran trip - an hour ride out, then lots of snorkelling, then back again. We managed to get some great shots of our house. Today the Valentines popped over for a braai - nice to be able to do that again.

The weather has started to cool a little - it is not as humid anymore but the days are really warm. It is between 21 and 27 degrees C - not bad!! The days are shorter and it is dark by about 7ish.

This week will a busy one. We are off to Toronto to see Di on Sunday (for a week) but first have to face a week at work. Will keep you posted!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunset in Bermuda

Well we are getting through the boxes slowly. There are still no bikes and we have not heard back from the shippers - how bizarre. The weeks are full and by the end of the week we are all exhausted. It has been quite a rainy weekend - on Friday evening it really came down, but it always leaves things clearer.

Tayla and I popped down to the beach for half an hour last night and were met with the most spectacular pinks skies - wow! I happened to take the camera for some reason, and thank goodness I did. As usual, T ended taking all her clothes off and we came back full of sand.
More unpacking today as we are determined to finish everything by the end of today - hence why I am procrastinating doing this.

Miss T has rediscovered all her long lost toys and books - lots of reading in the evenings now and no TV which is great.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The invasion of the boxes!

Well on Friday afternoon our stuff eventually arrived - most of it anyway - the rest is being delivered tomorrow morning - at "about 9am". We have been unpacking boxes ever since - most of which I have enjoyed - but cannot fathom where we gathered so much stuff! As a result we come to end of the day exhausted, and sometimes a little cranky. It got so bad yesterday afternoon that we baled out and went to the beach.

Funnily enough there was a touch rugby tournament on. So we watched a little and then headed home and out for dinner for Mom and Dad! We know that Bermuda is a small place when we go to a restaurant and there is a lady that I work with sitting right behind me! The baby sitting circle is working nicely.

Tayla's eye is going through all the different shades of blue as she recovers from her fall. She is now officially saying Ja - lekker man! Oh yes, and she is a whizz on her tricycle - great to watch.
Dave has a casual hockey game tonight - and did he sweat! It is still very humid.

Better go - be good!