Sunday, May 04, 2008

The many moods of Miss Tayla

Hi everyone

This time I will write - for as long as I have some peace and quiet! Not long. Last weekend saw Dave and I going off to Cambridge Beaches, one of the more exclusive hotels on the island for a night away. Tayla spent a night away with the Valentines and was absolutely fine believe it or not - no tears! We had a really relaxing time and spent some time in the spa. It was unfortunately quite windy, so no beach time this time around.
Madam is preparing for her ballet recital debut on Friday. We had a dress rehearssal yesterday and Mom had to tie her hair back with no stray pieces. Quite difficult I have to say. We will be the proud parents in Row 3 on Friday! I will be very surprised if she gets onto the stage at all. Her group are French Artistes!
Baby is growing incredibly - not sure whether it is as a result of Mom's diet or a big baby! Due date is about 11th August. All madam wants to make sure about is that her birthday is before the baby comes.