Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sushi night!

I attended a Sushi course with Grant Valentine two months ago and we promised our wives they could test the fare at some stage. The evening did coincided with the World Rugby Classic final (retired international rugby players), in which South Africa played and beat the All Blacks, so my absence from jeering at the chokers must have been for good reason. Have a look at the photo below - no - it was not bought, but "rolled" by theses artistic hands.........a really great evening was had by all and we ate enough sushi to feed a small Japanese army.
Nicki is in London and Luxemborg on business this week so it is home alone for Talya and I - take aways, DVD's might be on order!!

Speak soon.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Disney for 3 year olds

Apologies for the delay in updating the blog. It has been a challenging - and of course stimulating, couple of months. Dave has been trying to concentrate on finishing his Masters assignment (as well as concentrate on the rugby), and I have had to take on extra tasks at work. Most evenings are much like this one, get home, dinner, bath and put Tayla to bed, and then we head for out 'puters (as Tayla calls them) and do another couple of hours work. Not very exciting, but needs to be done.

Last week we were joined by the Fosters in Orlando. We stayed in a villa which was very central and had all we needed including a pool. We managed to visit Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney MGM and of course Sea World. All highlights. Tayla's highlight was having lunch in Cinderella's castle and seeing all the characters including Snow White and Sleeping Beauty - wow! She, of course, had to wear her special Cinderella dress (blue of course), and thought she was beautiful. She was so excited she could not eat.

Less enchanting were the characters with masks on, they were fine to look at from a distance, but not good to have a photo with. Some of the shows also caused many tears as there was real rain in the theatre, or the Lion King show that was just too noisy. But at the same time she had absolutely no fear of the roller coasters - I was more scared than she was.

We had a lovely week, although I would not say it was relaxing, it was certainly fun. The highlight was of course seeing the Fosters, Chris and Tayla get along like a house on fire and there is rarely need for adult intervention.
Now we are home for a little while, although I have 2 business trips to the UK in November. Tayla and I fly to SA mid-December for a well earned break where I plan on putting my feet up and letting the grandparents make up for lost time.

Madam has started ballet (on a Saturday morning at 9am!). I have to say she does love it. She also takes Spanish at school (Dave and I are learning at the same time). The kids these days have so many opportunities - we got to learn Afrikaans - how relevant is that!
We promise to keep you all updated.