Monday, February 19, 2007

London in a flash!!

Well 4 days in Lonodn flew by!!

I successfully negotiated the flight with Tayla (on my own) and joined Nicki during her working week. It was a worthwhile few days full of friends, more friends and some very important shopping. We caught up with the Galloways and Atkins on the Thursday night, Dylan on Friday over lunch, the Hewletts, Smiths and Taskers on Saturday and the Fosters on Sunday.

Tayla's highlight was Teagan's party on Saturday afternoon and sleeping in a room with her two friends. I was also able to spend some time a KCS and it felt as though I never left. A few hours in the Crooked Billett settled my nerves and I can vouch that it is still one of the great watering holes in south-west London - I could still be there!

Nicki was fortunate to spend a few more days in Wimbledon and caught up with the Dixons, our NCT group, Emma, Lisa and Debs.......No doubt a large amount of important conversation took place.

Here are a few pics from the carbon footprint trip.

Ryan, Sarah and Caitlyn Hewlett

Ryan and Dylan

Pete and Christopher Foster (kissing my daughter - the baseball bat is by the door!)

Dave and Nicky Tasker - although I am not sure what is in the glass!

Neal and Julie Smith - and part of the rather large TV added to their lounge!

Thanks for the hospitality.

Teagan's 3rd birthday party - did they jol!

Friday, February 09, 2007

I like to Move it Move it

These are some pics of Miss T praticing her dance moves! Mrs Grimes is her dancing teacher and they have this twice a week at school. I think she has her Dad's boogying genes! Other pics are of the foul weather we have been having, wind, wind and more wind!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Biltong and a boat

Well South Africa did eventually beat Pakistan 2-1 and even England managed to beat the Aussies down under since my last post. There is so much sport on at the moment I have struggled to focus. Superbowl Sunday, yes the other type of oval-balled sport, hit Bermuda last weekend with far too many complaining of sore heads on Monday morning. The game lasts so long most people resort to drinking out or sheer boredom!

The biltong was an added incentive to watch rugby this weekend (cracking Cheethas vs Stormers game) and our supplies were flattened within a couple of hours. The plans are already in motion to make some more. The photos below are proof WE actually made it!!

The other bit of exciting news is that we have bought a powerboat with the hope of taking advantage of the vast water surrounding us. Hopefully not investigating the waters of the TRIANGLE. My first task has been to learn how to drive the thing, moor it, clean it, refuel it and the list grows. My vocabulary now includes cleats, impellors, bildge pumps and swing moorings. Say no more. The more people I can take out the better so get over here!!

For those that know their boats here it is.
Nicki leaves for London on business this Saturday night and then Tayla is in my complete care until I land in London on Thursday morning. The nursery school's headteacher was quite surprised when I told her this and even asked if I was sure I could cope. I told her Tayla will be singing campfire songs in no time and have complete knowledge of how to cook marshmellows on the braai. Scurvey did spring to mind but I do believe priates last inhabited Bermuda 100 years ago. London here we come!!