Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bermuda in a gale

Long time and no news! Sorry, we are back into the normal swing of things, and as we know, life carries on. Miss T is making choc chip cookies at school today - what skills they learn these days - in my day they would never have children anywhere near in case of mess! Tomorrow they are off to the library.

Last Friday was slightly manic. Gale force winds kept blowing. It was grandparents day at Tayla's school so I went off there in the morning (in the car as Dave did not want me on the bike - I definitely would have been blown over). Tayla did not cry this time (nor stick her fingers in her nose!), so that all went very nicely. No sooner had I got back to school than I got a call from Dave and Tayla's school to say they were closing as a result of the severe winds. So off I trekked again - all the way back, and then home. It was pretty ugly outside and some of the hurricane shutters came down. Quite a few boats sank as a result - not a good sign when we have just jointly bought one.

Sunday the Cranfields invited us around for a gorgeous roast dinner and a little biltong making. Having never done this myself, it was very interesting and we are looking forward to some samples. The wine flowed - as it does, and Ryan was followed around by Tayla all afternoon.
We are all off to the UK next week (me on the 10th and husband and child on the 14th). I have had a little crisis about leaving my child, but she is in good hands! The bit that I am not looking forward to is the trip to UK and India in March - yuk!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Middle of Winter in Bermuda

Dave is now the leading goal scorer on the island - wow! We watched him score yet another goal yesterday so that they could win their game 3-1 - fine effort! He is not competitive or anything.

We had loads of fun this weekend. A trip to the aquarium, a very late (early) dinner with the Cranfields, and then a walk from Warwick Long Bay to Horseshoe Bay (not very far). The sea weed is a big problem at the moment as you can see, but it did not stop the sun from shining on us and Tayla taking her clothes off.

Enjoy the pics, and Osama has been spotted in Bermuda.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

London here we come!!

Our latest news is that we will be visiting London for a cheeky visit in February. For our friends in the UK Nicki arrives on Sunday the 11th, staying at Cannizaro House in Wimbledon, and will be working for the week. Tayla and I arrive on Thursday the 15th and we all fly back on Sunday the 18th.

So hopefully we will be able to catch up with everyone!!

One a seperate note I was incorrect in my prediction of a drawn series against the Indians so this time I am boldy going for a South Africa 1-0 series win over Pakistan. Hopefully our bowlers will come to the party again. It is almost time for the Super 14 or is it the Super 9 without the All Blacks? I will have a go at a few predictions in the near future.

The weather has turned here. We enjoyed our second fire and a bottle of Foster's Meerlust last night.

So back to work.....

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bye bye Granny - nosey, nosey

Granny left this evening after a great fortnight of being together with Christmas, New year, free baby sitting and an awesome time all thrown in. It is a long trek home, one which I don't envy, but which we have to do in a couple of months time.

Tayla has discovered how to do somersaults - interesting, as she does not know where she is going to land. She still thinks it is the middle of summer and wants to wear her ballerina dresses!

What fun we had, and how quickly the time went.

Thanks - we all had a ball!