Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas is nearly here

What a fantastic time we have had this weekend. The weather was amazing – for this time of year, I cannot quite comprehend that it is still 25 degrees and it is nearly Xmas. Miss T was long overdue for a haircut, so Dave bribed her with an ice cream and she managed to sit still for a little while. I really like it shorter. She refuses to put clips etc into her hair so we really did not have much choice.

On Saturday we went to the local Farmers Market – so nice to be able to get fresh organic chickens and fish and some lovely local veg. We then managed to watch the rugby – great win – at last! After that we headed down onto the beach where my daughter stripped off all her clothes and had a little swim. As you do in Bermuda, we met a friend of hers from school and they ran backwards and forwards – good to tire her out before dinner. Dave and I had a lovely dinner out with the Valentines at Lido. We bought these dine around vouchers which s $120 for 3 three course dinners. So we used them at one of the nicer restaurants and had quite a late night. Somehow there was a slight dryness at the back of my throat the next morning, but we were up and about at 6:30!
Sunday we went to Church – one that we have been to a number of times which we are quite enjoying. Tayla went to the Sunday school and was quite happy there (after the initial tears). Last night we headed to the Xmas Parade (nothing to write home about). The drum majorettes were all over 50 and the Glamorous Granny was riding with her tiara at the back of a convertible beetle! You have got to put it all in context!

Back at work this week. The great news is that Di is coming to visit from Toronto when Mom is here so it will be lovely to see her again. I just hope the weather stays as nice as it has been. The other news is that Dave has been accepted from his Masters at Bath University so we need to sort all that out. Love from Bermuda

Monday, November 20, 2006

Daddy is riding Mommy's bike

As you can see the new bike has arrived - big hit with Miss T. At some point I will have to get her a helmet - just joking. She likes having a little spin with Dad though. Believe it or not they often have problems with kids falling asleep at the back of the bike and the parent does not know.
The other pics is of T's friend, Kwami who came to play on Saturday. They played so nicely together.

The potty training is going okay - except for the poohs. We went to watch Dave play hockey yesterday and she did 2 in her pants while we were there - no fun at all! I would much rather have been on the field.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sleeping late - we can't remember how!

Monday was a holiday here in recognition of Remembrance Day. A great weekend for potty training. Owing to the wonderful weather an early morning trip down to the beach before breakfast was the order of the day.

Dad was explaining what all the little things on the beach were.

Tayla was spoilt and got a new kitchen. It has kept her busy for hours! A great investment! Second hand of course.

Tayla's school went to the fire department a little while back. She loved the hat, but did not love the firemen that dressed up as a dog. She was very upset for most of the trip! She feels the same way about the Gumbies! I think it is anything with a mask.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Winter in Bermuda

I can't believe we have been here for over 3 months already. In some ways it feels like we have been here for a year, and yet in others I feel we arrived yesterday. We always thank God for people that make a real effort to get to know us, and we have some people here that have done that. I work with Corinna, and she and Grant have been a great help to both of us. Their daughters, Hannah and Clara, are Tayla's mates as T is in the middle of them age-wise. Then Craig and Caroline have been great, as well as people we have met through work.

We have not yet settled at a new Church. For the last 2 weeks we have been to the same one, which we are enjoying, but some of the things take a little getting used to. Time will tell whether we settle.

Big news, we have been potty training Tayla this weekend. She has done really well and I was even brave enough to take her to the shops with me without a nappy (but with a dry pair of pants in my bag). The trick will be to see how she goes at nursery tomorrow and for the rest of the week.

Some more exciting news is that my new bike arrived on Thursday. Very impressive - a Liberty 125CC - much more powerful than my rental scooter which I was needing to go full throttle on up the hills.

There has also been a baby boom amongst the friends. Brig and James had a little boy, Sean. Ang and Fonz had a little girl, Georgina and Jen and Sikes had a little girl, Kirsten. Wow!

We are spending Christmas here. My mom is coming over on the 17th and is with us until after new year and we will probably just have a really relaxing time.

As you can imagine, the winters in Bermuda are quite mild. This morning we were on the beach at 7am and went for a lovely walk. I will post some pics when I am home (am baby sitting at the moment!).

Would love to hear all your news. We miss your friends in London big time and hop you will ALL come and visit.