Saturday, May 26, 2007

They were robbed!!

Photographic evidence that Steve Walsh missed a Bulls player playing the ball on the ground. Not long after this incident, Bryan Habana scored "that" try!
BUT what a game!!
AND let's not forget to mention that the Boks ran in some great tries today.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Find Madeleine: Surely this girl must be found!!

Check out the website: for all the details on this tragic abduction and let's help find her.

Monday, May 14, 2007

May Madness

May has brought with it some great weather and a very busy but exciting social schedule. That is not even including the impending Super 14 final (after many years of trying and so much pain....I can only imagine what Nathan will have to say!), the FA cup final and the rugby tests vs England. It does warrant some comment along the lines of......things are looking good in the land of Bok rugby let's just hope the administrators can keep things together until the World Cup. Kind words I thought.

Another exciting addition in Bermuda has been a low cost airline flying out of Gatwick. We are eagerly anticipating visits from Lisa & Lee-anne, the Fosters and then Kevin & Kate (who are now in New Zealand in search of a Super 14 final now taking place in SA). Check out the link on the left.

Well the beach has returned as a favourite location with Miss T slowly getting used to the waves again. What waves?
OK...some small waves. Tayla (in the middle) with Hannah, Clara, Corrina and Dad.
Our little lady has, much against my wishes, taken to some girlie things....I have tried to keep her mind focused on puzzles, cards, sport, bikes but it seems certain things have to happen. Here mom and Tayla are painting their nails. I believe that this is a ritual that all moms do with their daughters!! The baseball bat is already behind the front door.

May madness has also brought great boating weather. Last saturday morning we were out on the water at 7am and moored up at Paradise lakes (a set of about 10 islands) for breakfast and then headed back for swimming lessons at 9:30......a wonderful start ot the day. Miss T has taken to driving and enjoys some time behind the wheel.
Dad on the other hand would rather be driven!! Energy and enthusiasm finally returned earlier in the month and I found some time to finally build "the fence" that I talked up about 6 months ago. Well, here it is below in all its glory. Believe me it was far more work than anticipated and showed up my lack of "real" DIY skills and poor acquisition of "real" equipment.The fence has, however, allowed us to leave Tayla free to run around or ride her bike without fear of her disappearing down the road and into the sea. We did however catch her showing us how to exit her wendy house in case of fire. Note the elegant head down position fire roll.

May brought Miss T a new favourite toy....she now tells us how much she loves her mom and dad and ...wait for it.....her bike. NO ONE ELSE is allowed to touch it.

Finally the photos below are from an impromtu "shoot" this evening. They show Tayla and Nicki's "shark" face and her impressive ballet skills on top of dad.

Yes, scary is'nt it (or for those in the UK: innit)!!!

This is the first official photograph that Tayla has taken....we think she got lucky....but she tells us it takes years of practice. The kids of today. Soon she will want her own cell phone!!

We hope you are all well!!

Go the Sharks, Man Utd and the Bokke!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mommy is getting old!

Busy week this week, lots of activities and events. Saturday afternoon was Carrie's thirtieth birthday party which was great fun. All the kids kept themselves occupied with the jumping castle while the parents savoured the superb food and the champagne flowed.
Daddy bought Tayla a smaller bike. She tells me, "Mommy, I love my bike." She is pretty good in it. Swimming lessons are going well too - a huge improvement on the last term in the UK which was very stressful.
This is what happens if you play too hard!
Sunday was Mommy's birthday - great excitement. The cake was especially for Tayla as she would not understand what a birthday would be without candles. The very long countdown to hers has now begun!

We went to the Reefs for lunch - buffet with a chocolate fountain! Guess where madam went!
Then the kids (and parents) came over for cake and champagne. Here are Tayla's friends, Hannah, Jodi, Amy, Clara and Tayla tucking into some cake!

Tayla loves painting - but you have to keep watching all the time!